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Why is a diet buddy important?

Support is Key

Dieting alone can be difficult at best. Find a support buddy to make the weight loss journey easier. This person should hold you accountable for nutrition and exercise, be there to support you when you are weak and cheers for you when you succeed.

What are some ways that I can maintain my fitness after working hard to get in shape or lose weight?

Importance of Behavior Modification

Research shows that many women who lose a significant amount of weight in a very short period of time will gain the weigth back. One of the hallmarks of women who have successfully lost weight and kept it off is that they actually changed they way they acted and reacted. Women who are successful at losing weight or reaching any fitness goal have used the process of losing weight or getting in shape not as a means to an end, but as an opportunity to change they way they think about food and exercise and have learned to substitute more appropriate activities for eating. Women who modify their behavior for the long term are more likely to remain in good shape after an intense period of diet and weight loss is over.

Is keeping a journal important for weight loss?

Journaling Your Way to Good Health

Whether you want to lose a lot of weight, get into better shape, or change some unhealthy patterns, experts agree that journaling is one of the most important elements for success. Many women overeat or partake in other unhealthy activities as a result of too much stress. Additionally, there is evidence that suggests that stress in and of itself may cause weight gain, high blood pressure, and insomnia, among other ailments. Women can release some of that stress through journaling. Keeping a diary or a journal helps women think more clearly about their eating and fitness habits, identify the bad influences, and come up with better solutions to achieve her goal(s).

How can I get my family to enjoy being more healthy?

Making Your Family Your Fitness Allies

Instead of guilting, manipulating and cajoling your family into your fitness scheme, make them your allies by setting goals and rewards together. For example, you can make it a goal to run a 5K charity race as a family, and have a reward night for the family with a movie and dessert night. Not only will you lessen your family's resistance to eating right and exercising, you will help your kids develop good eating habits themselves.


Are You Ready to Start A Diet Program?

Have a right attitude is key to success. Having a positive outlook about the outcome of your new diet will keep you focused and help you stick to it. Feel good about yourself and journey you are about to take and you will stay motivated.

What is a good way to stay motivated in my fitness efforts?

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Get your friends involved! One sure-fire method for staying motivated through a long-term workout plan is incorporating your friends into the routine. Having friends to work out with and share information with about diets and exercise regimes is important because it eases some of the stress that can accompany a fitness routine. Furthermore, fitness friends are also great sounding boards for ideas, will partner with you to try new activities and will have a better understanding of your accomplishments because they too are putting in lots of hard work.

Is it better to set many small fitness goals?

Setting Goals You Can Live With

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, women who set high goals in terms of physical fitness or weight loss do just as well as women who set more moderate goals. When it comes to getting in shape and staying healthy over the long term, research suggests that most women will do better to make changes that they can incorporate into their lives long-term.

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