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Which type of athletic shoe should I buy?

Picking the Right Shoes for Your Activity

Proper form and training goes a long way to preventing sports injuries, but having the correct footwear can make all the difference. Looking at the shoe rack, you may see lots of different designations for shoes, such as running or cross-training. These designations are not arbitrary. Running shoes, for example, are more heavily padded in the heal, where your foot lands when you are running. Cross-trainers, on the other hand, are designed for more side to side motion. Picking the right shoe is very important not just for your comfort, but also for preventing injuries. If you have questions, ask a professional for help.

Is it important to use a sports bra while I am working out?

Finding A Sports Bra

Research shows that most women are not fitted to their correct bra size. This can become an issue when you are working out. Sports bras, unlike regular bras, are specially designed to give you extra support so that you can move around in comfort. Having the correct sports bra can prevent pain and tenderness that can result from not having the proper supportive undergarments. Furthermore, not having the correct size of sports bra puts excess strain on your back that may eventually result in serious pain or injury. Many retailers that sell bras will have staff on hand to help you determine out your correct bra size.


4 Yoga Must-Haves

If you are going to spend your hard earned money on fitness gear, you want to make sure that it will enhance your yoga experience. Here are 4 things that no yogi should live without:

  1. A yoga mat. They are lightweight and non-slip
  2. A stylish carry-all. A girl can be practical and trendy too!
  3. Comfortable Yoga Wear. You should wear loose-fitting (not baggy) clothes.
  4. A Water Bottle. You really can get dehydrated during your practise, so drink up!

What type of clothing should I wear while training for and during my triathlon?

Apparel for a Triathlon

Triathlons are enjoying some popularity right now. Many people love the challenge of getting in shape for and finishing a multi-sport race. For many women, outfitting themselves for training and the actual triathlon can be a huge challenge. For your triathlon, you should look for a triathlon suit specifically designed for women. It's best to stay away from a kayak, surfing, or diving suit to use during your triathlon. These suits are often made from thicker material and won't give you the range of motion that you need. Also, look for suits that are specifically designed for women. Buying a small man's suit is an invitation for discomfort and possibly injury.

Where should I go to look for a woman's athletic shoe?

Finding Shoes that Fit

Until recently, it was almost impossible for a woman to find an athletic shoe that wasn't simply a scaled down version of a man's athletic shoe. Women's feet are not just small versions of a man's foot; the proportions of a woman's foot are different as are the areas that need extra cushioning or extra support. It is very important for women to buy shoes specifically designed for a woman's foot for comfort as well as to avoid injury. Sporting goods stores specifically devoted to female athletes are a good place to start looking for athletic shoes specifically designed for women.

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