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The Time Is Now!

It is never to late to start an exercise program - just take it slow! Start now by walking a few minutes a day or add a few more vegetable to your plate at dinner – the small changes you make now will help prepare the body for a more vigorous fitness program.

Should I be getting soy in my diet

Soy Foods and Your Health

The debate about whether or not soy helps ease the discomfort associated with menopause rages on, but that is not the only reason women over 40 should be eating soy. Recent studies show that eating soy can lower your cholesterol and that eating soy protein helps maintain lean muscle mass as we age. This is especially important for women who tend to lose muscle mass and strength very rapidly during and after menopause. This loss of muscle mass significantly contributes to slowing a woman's metabolism as she ages. The studies indicate that women should be getting 20-25 grams of soy protein every day to reap these benefits.

How will strength training benefit me now that I am older?

Strength Training After 40

Strength training is an integral part of any fitness program but may even be more important for women in their 40's. As women age, the way they carry their weight tends to change; they begin carrying more weight in the trunks of their bodies like men do, as opposed to in their hips and thighs, as younger women tend to. Researchers believe that this shift, along with other factors such as the loss of heart-protecting estrogen, increases a woman's likelihood of developing heart disease and diabetes. Strength training can help stabilize your weight and keep your body fat levels low to mitigate the negative effects of this natural redistribution of body fat. As a bonus, new research suggests that weight training may help older people sleep better.

Will calcium supplements do me any good?

Calcium Supplements for Women Over 40

Getting the proper amount of calcium and vitamin D is one of the key components in a woman's battle to prevent osteoperosis. According to the USDA, women over 40 should get 1200 mg of calcium and 700 mg of vitamin D from diet and supplements every day to protect their bones.

How can I prevent weight-gain as I get older?

Maintaining Your Weight After 40

Women have a tendency to put on a significant amount of weight during and immediately after menopause. This weight gain is not only disheartening for many women, it is also dangerous. Numerous studies link menopausal weight gain to both an increased risk of diabetes and increased incidence of breast cancer. Maintaining physical activity and watching your diet will not only help combat menopausal weight gain and the health problems associated with it, but may also help you cope physically and emotionally with your changing body chemistry.

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