Personalizing Your Fitness Routine

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How can I find the right gym?

Personalizing Your Fitness Routine

What is the right type of fitness exercise program for your lifestyle? This answer depends in part on what you enjoy and also what your personality is like.

Do you like to be social? Exercise classes may be the perfect solution. You can team up with a girlfriend and take a Pilates class, or make friends at the gym when you get there. There can be a sense of camaraderie in a class setting which makes it fun for those who enjoy being around other people in this type of atmosphere.

Are you a private person? Perhaps a gym that has a membership made up entirely of women may be a good choice. Also, if you prefer, you can opt to work out during hours where there are not many people around at the facility. Try going at different times to see what the crowd is like, or ask an employee when the slow times are.

Those who like to get their workout in quickly might be completely satisfied with a 30-minute circuit training program. These are offered by many health clubs and have become a popular choice for those who are pressed for time. Proximity to your home may be another factor here as well.

On the other hand, if you are someone who really loves to spend time at the health club you may want to hold out for one with a more "spa-like" setting. Some facilities even offer extras such as massage and other spa services.

No matter what your particular taste is, if you find the right match you will be more likely to use the facility. Take a little time to think about where you would fit best and make the choice that is right for you.



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