Gyms for Women

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What do female only gyms offer?

Gyms for Women

Gyms for women are popping up everywhere these days. The concept has taken off as more and more women have gravitated toward the low-pressure format and comfortable atmosphere. Many women enjoy the idea of working out in a place where there are only women.

Some all-women gyms are extremely basic, offering circuit training equipment and not much else. These facilities are designed for women who are looking for a quick, basic workout routine that will hit the major muscle groups while helping them improve cardiovascular fitness as well. They are ideal for those looking for an inexpensive place to work out with no frills.

Other gyms that cater to women are more comprehensive in their offerings. Some hold fitness classes geared for women, including salsa dance or even belly dancing. Others may have a fancy locker room area, complete with a sauna and steam room.

There are also gyms that fall somewhere in-between no frills and high end. Deciding which one is right for you will depend on what features you are looking for. Do a little comparison shopping and pick the place that most closely matches your needs. You may also want to inquire about special deals, promotions or packages before signing on at any one facility.



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