Aerobic Exercises for Pregnant Women

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What aerobic exxercises can I do while pregnant?

Aerobic Exercises for Pregnant Women

You made the right decision by deciding to maintain your fitness during your pregnancy, but perhaps you are wondering which aerobic exercises are best for you and your baby.

Trade contact sports and other activities that could put your body in harm for low impact exercise such as power walking or swimming. Water takes pressure off your joints and allows you to exercise most of the muscles in your body. Check your local gym for low impact aerobics classes specifically designed for pregnant women. Yoga and Pilates offer great low-impact exercise and also help mothers-to-be with deep breathing and stress reduction methods. Yoga poses offer great stretches and help you locate your center of gravity, which is ever-shifting while you are pregnant.

Be aware of the intensity and frequency of your workouts and stay in tune with your body. Always speak with your obstetrician before you start exercise during pregnancy. Healthy recipes for pregnancies do not include overexertion and exhaustion, so make sure you get plenty of rest between workouts and listen to what your body needs.



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