High-Intensity or Low-Intensity Workouts?

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Should I do low-intensity or high-intensity workouts?

High-Intensity or Low-Intensity Workouts?

While butt and thigh exercises are meant to whip your body in shape, you need to start with a low-impact, low-intensity workout if you are a beginner to avoid injury. Though high-intensity cardio fitness workouts burn more calories, they are not for beginners. You don't want to strain your muscles or ligaments, which would end up delaying your cardio fitness routine instead of helping you get in shape.

Although low-intensity cardio workouts burn fat and high-intensity workouts burn carbs, scientists believe that you will lose the same amount of fat overall. When you have progressed to a high-intensity workout, you will burn more fat after working out, whereas a low-intensity workout you will not burn as much. What it really comes down to is the fact that a calorie is a calorie. As long as you get your body moving, you will be on your way to fitness!



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