Cardio that Cuts the Fat

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Which exercises burn lots of fat?

Cardio that Cuts the Fat

Almost any cardio fitness exercise is great for your personal fitness and will help you lose weight. But here are some specific cardio moves that are known to cut the fat:

  • Walking- That's right, one of the easiest things you can do actually helps you lose weight. Make sure you walk at a brisk pace at least four times per week. Incorporate hills and other challenging obstacles into your walk. Try hiking, which is one of the best thigh exercises and will work your butt as well.
  • Running- This is a high-intensity workout that is great for all the muscles in your body. When you run you burn fat and also strengthen your abdominal muscles because you naturally hold them in while you run. If you really want to burn fat, vary the speed of your workout. Run at a high-intensity for three minutes and a moderate-intensity for five, cycling between fast and slower paces.
  • Swimming- Swimming will give you a wonderfully lean body. It incorporates most of your muscles and is a great thigh workout. Swim laps for 30 to 40 minutes every other day to get your body slim and trim. Vary your stroke. It doesn't matter if you prefer the freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke or butterfly. Just don't doggie paddle!



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