Convince Yourself

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What kind of a mindset do I need to be in to start working out?

Convince Yourself

It can be hard to get in the mindset of a new health and fitness routine. Here are some tips on how to get your mind in tune with your body:

  • Find something that motivates your workouts. It could be to improve your overall health, to run a 10k, to fit into a new dress, to be a good role model for your kids and so on. If you are not motivated, then your women's fitness plan will inevitably fail.
  • Set realistic expectations. Work towards overall health and fitness improvement. Do not overwhelm yourself or get frustrated if you do not see immediate improvement. Over time you will begin to see your body and health transform. Staying fit is a life long commitment that takes determination and hard work.
  • Work out even if you don't feel like it. One of the benefits to working out is that it releases endorphins, which are hormones that create a euphoric state. Recent studies have shown that there is such a thing as a “runner's high,” which is created by the endorphins released during and immediately after working out. Exercise also gives you more energy in the long run. After you sink into a workout routine, exercise will seem less tedious and more like something you look forward to.
Don't give up on your fitness goals. If you fall into an exercise slump, check out a women's fitness magazine to get some inspiration and new exercise ideas.



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