Cross Country Skiing

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How many calories can I burn cross country skiing?

Cross Country Skiing

When temperatures drop, many women like to stay indoors. This is one of the reasons that we tend to gain weight over the winter. Can you imagine a winter without weight gain? Better yet, can you imagine participating in a sport that will actually help you lose weight over the winter?
Imagine cross-country skiing.

When it comes to outdoor aerobic exercise programs, some people consider cross-country skiing to be the best exercise for women. If you have any doubts, next time there is a television show featuring cross-country ski racing, take a look at the female racers' bodies. You will surely be inspired.

Depending on your weight, your age, the intensity of your skiing, and whether or not you choose to ski the hills, a cross-country skiing workout might burn between 400 and 1400 calories per hour. Cross-country skiing involves a simultaneous use of the arms and legs. As a result, in addition to the aerobic benefits, you get a total body-toning workout.



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