Walking Gadgets for Geeky Gals

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What are some high tech gadgets I can use for my walking workout?

Walking Gadgets for Geeky Gals

Some women like to simply go out for a long walk and enjoy the scenery. Others are also interested in statistics: How far did I walk? How many calories did I burn? What is my heart rate? If you are a "gadget geek," you will probably be interested in the following products:

  • Walking Pedometers: Most of the high-tech walking pedometers require an Internet connection. Depending on the manufacturer, they will track your speed, stride length, distance walked and calories burned. Some walking pedometers feature other bells and whistles that allow you to enter your diet and wellness habits and receive health-related advice.
  • High Tech Watches: In the past 15 years, sport-watch technology has become highly advanced. Most come with speedometers and odometers that track your speed and distance. If you are adding interval training to walking routine, these watches also have a lap-timer.
  • GPS: If you are the type of walker who tends to forget where she went during her workout, some trainers come with a GPS that you can download to a map. This is an excellent feature if you want to try to repeat the same workout, but at a higher speed.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: if you don't need all of the bells and whistles, a simple heart rate monitor is sufficient.



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