Cardio Fitness Equipment for home use.

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What are some alternatives to buying home ellipticals, stairmasters and cycles?

Cardio Fitness Equipment for home use.

Purchasing elliptical machines, bikes or stairmasters for home use can be an expensive proposition. Fortunately, there are some lower cost alternatives, that are actually a whole lot of fun! Here are some:

Urban Rebounders: Although many professional athletes or aerobic enthusiasts train on trampolines, spatial and safety issues make them questionable for home use. If you enjoy jump training, but your knees cannot withstand the hard surfaces used in traditional plyometrics, you might consider the Urban Rebounder.

Urban Rebounding involves jumping only a few inches from the surface. There is a strong emphasis on the landing phase of the movement. This is highly important to athletes, because proper landing technique can prevent injuries. The company produces a smaller model of the rebounder for home use. In addition to cardio vascular training, there are some interesting abdominal and upper body plyometric exercises that can be performed on the rebounder. Upper body resistance can also be added by using one pond sand weights. The Sport Specific Urban rebounding video features movements that simulate various sports.

Step Aerobics : Many companies manufacture a smaller version of the aerobic step. Make sure that you have a bunch of step videos to keep you from getting bored.



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