From Home to Home Field: Fitness for Recreational Athletes

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What factors should be considered when choosing sport fitness equipment?

From Home to Home Field: Fitness for Recreational Athletes

There was a time when sophisticated sport conditioning equipment was only available for professional athletes. These days, as the Functional Training movement, which features fitness training methods similar to those used by athletes, becomes a respectable form of exercise, more and more companies are beginning to supply sport fitness equipment to the general public. Here are a few of the most respectable companies of this sort:

Fitter One: Fitter First, is the brainchild of former Olympic Speed Skier Louis Stack. He created his first product, the Profitter as a form of rehab for his ACL injury. The Profitter is similar to the well-known Skier's Edge. However, it is far less expensive. Today Fitter First carries an extensive selection of balance and athletic training tools.

Perform Better: http://www.performbettercom: Along with providing good values on fitness equipment, the Perform Better site features a series of free training articles, as well as free online training videos. They put out a monthly magazine, and periodically conduct training seminars at various locations throughout the United States.

If you are considering purchasing home exercise equipment to enhance your recreational sport skills, take into account the cost of the equipment, its versatility and its durability.



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