Get On The Ball To Lose Your Love Handles

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How can I lose my love handles?

Get On The Ball To Lose Your Love Handles

The often-maligned “love handles” are caused in part by weak oblique muscles, the muscles that run along the outside of your trunk. One of the best ab exercises for women to tone your trunk and whittle your waist is the stability ball twist.

Here's how to do it:

Lie with your back on a fitness ball and your feet flat on the floor. Hold a small medicine ball between your hands and extend your arms up towards the ceiling. Keeping your butt on the ball, slowly rotate your torso to the right so that your arms are parallel to the floor and your knuckles are pointing towards the side wall. Hold to exhale, then slowly rotate back to the center and repeat on the other side. Start with a few repetitions to each side to get the feel of this exercise and try to work your way up to three sets of 10 repetitions.



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