Stick to Your New Beginner Fitness Program

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How do I stick to my exercise routine?

Stick to Your New Beginner Fitness Program

Now that you have made the commitment to start a new fitness program, you will want to make sure that you can stick with it. Since statistics show that close to 50% of people who start an exercise program are likely to drop out after six months, countless studies have been performed about exercise adherence. Here are some of the findings:

Have Fun!

At the risk of stating the obvious, choosing an enjoyable activity has a strong influence on exercise adherence. Many people embark on a particular type of fitness program because they have heard that “it's the best.” However, the best exercise routine is the one that you personally will enjoy doing.

Love the Location

Choose a fitness center that is near your favorite bookstore, clothing store or healthy restaurant. Avoid locations in neighborhoods that you think are either unsafe or depressing. Some studies show that a facilities proximity to your home or workplace has a strong influence on exercise adherence.

It's all in the Timing

While experts may argue about the best time of the day to exercise, everyone's biorhythms tend to differ. Choose the time of the day when you have the most energy, and choose the time that you will least likely feel that you need to rush through your routine.

Buddy Up

Some people find that exercising with a friend helps them stick to their routine. However, it works best if you and your friend are at similar levels of fitness.

Read Up

You can get excited about exercise by reading women's fitness magazines as well as beginner fitness books such as Fitness for Dummies.

Set Your Goals Beyond Weight Loss and Appearance

Not that these aren't admirable goals. However, they are subjective. Why not take up a new sport, and plan a training program that will improve your athletic skill?



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