Using Weights During Cardio Exercise

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Should I use weights during my cardio workouts?

Using Weights During Cardio Exercise

Many women carry small weights in their hands or attatch weights to their ankles during cardio exercise. While it is true that carrying weights during cardiovascular or aerobic exercise can slightly increase the number of calories expended, most experts agree that the practice is unsafe and can lead to unnecesary strain and injuries. Using weights, even light ones of only 2 or 3 pounds, requires proper form and technique that is difficult to maintain throughout a cardio session. Furthermore, you run the risk of dropping a weight on yourself or someone else and causing injury that way.



9/30/2007 9:14:24 PM
Kelly said:

Absolutly do not agree with this tip. Using weights with cardio build endurance and strength. You should research that a bit more before posting.


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