Body Fat Measurements with a Skin Fold Caliber

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Are skin fold caliber effective?

Body Fat Measurements with a Skin Fold Caliber

Using a skin fold caliber to measure body fat can be effective, if, and only if it is done correctly. For an accurate reading, you must be sure to measure in the exact same spot each time. Otherwise, if you have been following an effective weight loss program, you will be rewarded with the instant gratification of experiencing "less pinch for the inch. Remember: to lose fat, you need to burn fat.

Some of the common sites to perform a skin fold body fat test are:

  • Measure at a point that is midway between the shoulder and the elbow. Keep your arm relaxed, with the palm facing downwards. The triceps tend to be one of the areas of the body that accumulates fat. Make sure that you are supplementing your weight loss program with strength training, which will tone the muscle and speed up your metabolic rate.
  • The Abdominal Area: In order to lose weight around the abdominal area, you need to burn fat through aerobic exercise. Fat around the abdominal area is, in some cases, an indication that you might be eating too many high fat foods. However, if you have been following a healthy fitness and weight loss plan, you will like what you see when you use your skin fold caliber to measure body fat in this area. Measure about 15cm. from your belly button.
  • Your skin fold caliber will come with an instruction manual, which will explain the other sites to test for body fat. For best results, follow the instructions as carefully as possible.



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