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How can I relieve tension in my low back?

Get Back To Back Basics

Back workouts are an essential part of a fitness program. Chronic tightness and pain in the low back is an unfortunate side effect of many desk-bound jobs. But a few simple stretches can go a long way towards combating the tension in the back that's caused by extended sitting.

The low back, in particular, is an area that is hard to relax. Try this simple back workout: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands under your head or let your arms rest along your sides; whichever is more comfortable. Using controlled movements, tighten your butt muscles and abdominal muscles at the same time to flatten your lower back against the floor. Hold the position for five to eight seconds, and then relax. Repeat two to three times. This exercise targets both the butt and abdominal muscles, which will improve your posture while sitting and standing, and provide better support for your lower back.



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