Balancing Protein in Your Diet

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How much protein should I be eating?

Balancing Protein in Your Diet

Most women either get too much protein in their diets, or not enough. Excess protein in your diet can add unnecessary calories, fat, and, in extreme cases, can put excess strain on the kidneys. Moderate levels of protein intake have been found to boost the metabolism, and people who do not get enough protein are missing out on that benefit as well. The current USDA recommendation is that female non-athletes aged 25 through 50 get about 1 gram of protein for every 3 pounds of body weight, or .8 grams of protein for every kilogram of bodyweight.



3/4/2007 3:55:54 PM
A-non-e-mouse said:

Why would excess protein add calories and fat?!?! Proteins are proteins and calories come from carbohydrates. Excess protein is exceted, but too much protein can do damage to your liver and kidneys.


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