Introduction to Cardiovascular Equipment

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What are some of the standard cardiovascular machines you will see at the health club?

Introduction to Cardiovascular Equipment

There are several pieces of cardiovascular equipment that you will typically run into at a health club. As you use them, you will generally find ones that you naturally gravitate toward. In the meantime, here are a few that turn up in almost every gym:

  1. The treadmill. Treadmills are getting fancy these days. Many have all-digital readouts that tell you information such as heart rate, calories burned and distance. Some even have small fans built in. Treadmills are good for walking and running, and can be used by nearly everyone.
  2. The elliptical trainer. Elliptical machines are somewhere between a bicycle, stair stepper and treadmill. While standing, you "run" with your feet on two platforms that circle as if you were on a bicycle. Some of these machines also have hand holds that move your arms back and forth. Elliptical machines can be a good choice for those looking for a low impact way to get some cardiovascular exercise.
  3. Stair stepper. In the world of fitness climbing machines, the stair stepper is king. This machine is great for a really amped up workout, but can be hard on the knees for some people.
  4. Cycles. There are two main versions of the cycle at the gym: the recumbent bike and the upright bike. Both provide a good, low impact cardiovascular workout.



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