Food Logs

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What is a food log and how can it help in diet planning?

Food Logs

Plan diet strategies that work by using food logs as a tool. Food logs help you to keep track of everything you eat over the course of a day. Being aware of this information can help you see your relationship with food and evaluate strong and weak areas.

There are many different ways to log your food intake. Some people like to use a notebook and simply record things they eat as they go throughout the day. Others prefer to use tools that are available on the Internet. You can use whatever system you are comfortable with. Hang the sheet on the refrigerator to help you remember to log food items as you go during the day. Write down every bite of food so that you can begin to see your eating patterns. Do you eat too much in the evening? Do you have a tendency to skip breakfast? Food logs can help you zone in on the times of day when you typically have some difficulty. This will help you plan ahead to combat your cravings before they get started.

The food log is a tool often used by professionals in the health and fitness industry. You can employ this same tool and use it to your advantage. After a few weeks of recording meals and snacks, you should be able to get an overall picture of your relationship with food.



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