Challenge Yourself to Change It Up

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How can I keep my workout routine interesting?

Challenge Yourself to Change It Up

Any fitness routine can become stale if done for too long a period of time. Things get boring and that can make you lose your motivation. Keep your program fresh by continuing to challenge yourself in a variety of ways. Here are some super tips for staying motivated and changing things up a bit:

  • Learn new exercises. Check out women's magazines for new ideas or keep an eye out in the health club for moves you have not tried before.
  • Add weight and do less repetitions for a change of pace or drop the weight and do extra sets.
  • Try out new fitness classes for a different atmosphere.
  • Keep an eye out for new ab exercise equipment or other types of gear. Using new props can challenge your muscles in different ways.
  • Join a "boot camp." Some places have them just for women.
  • Try out interval training to change up the routine. Bursts of cardiovascular exercise (such as jogging) mixed in with weight training can make the workout go more quickly.
  • Get out of the rut. If you find that you are using the same machines all the time, resolve to incorporate new ones. If you always walk on the treadmill, try out the elliptical trainer. Change things up -- you will be glad you did!



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