Creating Fitness Goals

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How can I create a plan for meeting my fitness goals?

Creating Fitness Goals

Why should you take the time to write down your fitness goals? Because it can help you reach them. In order to write them out, you will need to think through things such as how you can achieve your goals and what is a reasonable amount of progress is that you can expect over time. Comprehensive fitness programs at the health club often have this component, and some personal trainers do it as well.

So how can you get started? Try thinking about your end goal. Perhaps it is weight loss; or even being able to run a marathon. Then take a little time to develop a strategy for reaching it that works with your lifestyle. Try to outline some "benchmarks" for the goal so that you can chart your progress as you go.

Evaluating your progress along the way is a key feature of this type of program. If you are not meeting your benchmark goals, you may need to re-vamp the plan you originally came up with. Re-adjusting goals is a normal part of the process, and will help you see if your fitness program is practical.

You may want to start with just one fitness goal at a time. Try beginning with something manageable and see how it goes. Perhaps you may want to set a distance goal for your walking program, or begin doing some lower ab exercises to begin. Keeping the goals small at first will help you learn the process and build confidence as you go.



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