Sticking to a Fitness Program

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What are some good tips for sticking to a fitness program?

Sticking to a Fitness Program

Are you having difficulty sticking to a fitness program? Getting into a regular routine can be a challenge, but there are some time-tested solutions that will help you stay motivated and assist you in meeting your fitness goals. Choose from some of the following:

  • Team up. Having a "workout buddy" can keep you dedicated to a fitness routine. Find a running partner. Ask your sister to join a health club with you. Take a walk with your spouse every night after dinner. If you can team up with another person, you are less likely to take a pass on your workout.
  • Walk the dog. It may sound a little crazy at first, but getting into a good walking routine can not only help your health, but your dog's too!
  • Reward yourself. Set a goal for working out each week, and if you reach it, reward yourself with something small. You might try something like buying a book or going to see a movie. Try to keep the reward to non-food items.
  • Set small, reachable goals. Try not to discourage yourself by attempting to go all out. Strive for slow, steady improvement.
  • Be honest with yourself. Will you really work out when you get home from a long meeting or playing with your kids at the park? Try to make sure you schedule time for fitness when you have the energy.
  • Join a class. It can help to have a set time to work out. Try out something that interests you for extra motivation.
  • Just go. If you think about working out too much, you might talk yourself out of it.



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