Training Techniques

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Are there any special details I should know when starting a strength routine?

Training Techniques

There are some basics you should know when starting a new strength training workout. Take heed of these tips especially when starting new back or arm exercises.

  • Make sure your body is in proper alignment.
  • Do not use your back or hips to help you lift weight with your arms. Avoid arching your back.
  • Do not lift too fast. You can lose control and injure yourself or others.
  • Breathe in through your nose out through your mouth. Exhale when exerting force and inhale on recovery.
  • Don't use weights that are too heavy. If you can't manage eight reps, choose a lighter weight.
  • Perform exercises with full range of motion. These will make your muscles stronger, faster.
  • Use progressive resistance instead of jumping from a low weight to a high weight. As a rule increase your weight by five pound increments.



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