Walking Equipment/Sneakers

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Which shoes should I buy for my workout?

Walking Equipment/Sneakers

The right sneaker can make or break your 20 minute workout. If you have a shoe that gives you blisters or makes your feet ache, you will not enjoy your walk and you run the risk of injury. Walks should be enjoyable and effective, so when searching for the perfect walking sneaker keep this criteria in mind:

  • Walking sneakers must have a firm heel. Your heel gets the most impact, so you should pick a sneaker that has some sort of shock guard to protect it.
  • Make sure you have enough to room to move your toes comfortably without pinching.
  • Look for a cushioned collar and cushioned tongue to protect more sensitive areas of the foot and to fasten the fit.
  • Velcro walking shoes aid in securing the fit and are easy to put on.
  • Go shoe shopping in the afternoon when your feet are more swollen in order to find a perfect fit.
  • If you want walking shoes, buy walking shoes, if you want running, buy running and so on. There really is a difference between the fit and efficiency.



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