Walking for Weight Loss

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Can I lose weight by walking?

Walking for Weight Loss

Walking is a great way to lose weight if you commit to it. Here are some ways to get more out of your 20 minute workout walk:

  • Walk at a pace that makes it difficult to have a conversation. Aim to walk at least 2.5 miles every 30 minutes. A powerful walk uses many more muscle than a moderate one. At a quick pace you could burn almost as many calories as you do on a jog without as much exhaustion. Powerful walks can increase your aerobic fitness.
  • If your power walk is 3 mph, you will burn 119 every 30 minutes. If your power walk is 4.5 mph you will burn 180 calories every 30 minutes. You should aim for 30 minute workout walks every day. Once you feel ready, raise the bar to 60 minute workout walks every day. You will burn substantially more calories this way.
  • The way to achieve such a quick pace is to quicken your step not your stride length. Walk tall. Keep your shoulders upright and your abs in.
  • Start every step with your heels and end on the balls of your feet. This makes your walk more efficient and won't slow you down. Use every part of your body. Swing your arms or carry arm weights along with you to burn more calories.
Include challenges on your walk. You can increase your calorie burn by 50% if you include inclines on your walk.



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