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If you walk, you may want to track your daily progress. Get a pedometer to track the amount of steps you take per day to help you reach a new distance goal. The recommended amount of steps per day is 10,000 steps or approximately 5 miles. Get a pedometer and hook it onto your belt loop or pocket to make it part of your aerobic fitness routine. The cost of a typical pedometer ranges from $10 to $20. Many pedometers include the step counter and a calorie burner approximation. This can be used to track the number of calories burned during a 20 minute workout and how far you walk during your workout and the rest of your day. Common brand name pedometers include Nike and Sportline.

You don't need a fancy pedometer with lots of extra gadgetry. Just buy a simple one that tracks how many steps you take and you are well on your way to improving your lifetime fitness. Use it to establish new distance goals and meet them.



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