Pilates and Yoga Equipment

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What kind of equipment should I use for yoga and Pilates?

Pilates and Yoga Equipment

If you incorporate a yoga or Pilates workout into your fitness routine, you will most definitely see changes in your balance, flexibility and core strength. Pilates equipment includes machines and tables, which are usually found only in Pilates studios. The machine has pulleys and straps with which to perform exercises and the table is used to support certain movements. Rings, which are used for resistance during exercises, and chairs are great for individual workouts at home or for group routines.

For yoga workouts, equipment includes an elastic strap to be used during certain stretches, a mat, an oversized ball, and a wedge to support your body during certain yoga movements. If you use these at home or at your fitness club, you will be on your way to total mind-body fitness. Yoga and Pilates are challenging and rewarding and require patience and concentration.



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