Drink Plenty of Fluids!

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Why is it so imortant to stay hydrated when you're pregnant?

Drink Plenty of Fluids!

If you make the decision to exercise during pregnancy, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. When you are pregnant, you loose two to three quarts of water per day through urination and perspiration. There is about one quart of amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby and is replenished by your body every couple of hours. You also need fluids to transfer nutrients to your cells and take away waste products. Because of these reasons it is important to drink the recommended 64 ounces of water per day.

When you workout and perform pregnancy exercises, or anything that elevates your temperature, you lose more body fluids. Make sure you drink water before and after you exercise. Avoid caffeinated beverages, as these dehydrate instead of hydrate you. Keeping hydrated will also prevent ailments such as constipation, bladder infection and even premature labor.

If you drink plenty of fluids and stick to healthy recipes, you will be well on your way to having a healthy body and baby.



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