Is it Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

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Is it safe to work out while pregnant?

Is it Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

For years doctors believed that exercise during pregnancy damaged the fetus. Recently, however, that belief changed and there is even evidence to suggest that women who exercise during pregnancy deliver healthier babies. Exercise also affects common conditions during pregnancy such as fatigue, swollen ankles and back pain.

It is safe to follow your normal fitness routine during your first trimester. Pay attention to your body and scale down your fitness health workout if you feel as though it is too much. Do not exercise in excessive heat or humidity. Your body temperature affects your baby's body temperature, so do not become overheated. Monitor your heart rate and breathing when exercising and do not allow your heart rate exceed 140 beats per minute, as your baby's heart rate is reflective of your own.

Reduce the intensity of your workout as your pregnancy progresses. High impact exercises such as running and biking can be uncomfortable. Try switching to a lower impact activity such as yoga or Pilates. It is especially important to avoid bouncing movements in your third trimester, as this puts pressure on your pelvic floor. Make sure to talk with your obstetrician before starting an exercise routine during pregnancy to ensure that you and your baby will be safe.



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