Decrease Your Risk of Breast Cancer

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Will exercise decrease my risk of breast cancer?

Decrease Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Recent health and fitness articles published by the Archives of Internal Medicine suggest that exercise can cut the risk of breast cancer by up to 20 percent. Many doctors highly recommend exercise to women who have a history of breast cancer in their family or are at an increased risk.

Just a few fitness workouts per week can also help women who already have breast cancer. Though exercise is not a substitute for medical treatment, researchers have found that physical activity can help those with breast cancer fight the disease. Exercise can increase flexibility and strength, and can deter weight gain and fatigue associated with chemotherapy. Women who do decide to do physical activity while on chemotherapy may need to adjust their fitness plans on a day-to-day basis, depending on fatigue levels. It is very important to monitor all fitness activities while undergoing treatment and follow a progressive fitness plan that is not too strenuous. Women with breast cancer may enjoy working out in groups with other breast cancer survivors.



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