Find a Workout Buddy

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Why should I work out with a friend?

Find a Workout Buddy

You have to do more than skim through a fitness magazine to stay in shape, but unfortunately health and fitness is not at the top of most women's to-do lists. Exercise can be a tedious task, but if you enlist the help of a friend, you both will benefit.

Make exercise dates a few times a week when both of you can commit to a 30-minute workout. Go for a walk, hit the treadmill together, join a fun fitness class or share a personal training session. A workout buddy will motivate you and help you stick to a routine.

If you have trouble finding a friend who has similar fitness goals and a compatible schedule, turn to the Internet to find a workout buddy. There are many websites that are devoted to pairing up exercisers such as or, as well as niche exercise websites that focus on pairing up individuals with less-popular fitness activities such as rock climbing or scuba diving.



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