ACE Fitness Certification

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What does ACE stand for?

ACE Fitness Certification

The American Council on Exercise sponsors what is probably one of the respected fitness certifications. They are considered to be the watchdogs of the fitness industry. As such, they often sponsor a number of university-based scientific studies. For example, do you want to learn about the best butt workouts? Check out this research:

In addition to its Group Exercise and Personal Training certifications, ACE offers a Lifestyle and Weight Management certification that combine fitness and nutrition, as well as a Clinical Exercise certification that allows you to work with special populations. However, you need to obtain either your group exercise or personal trainer certification prior to applying to these programs. They also offer an interesting variety of continuing education courses such as pre and postnatal exercise, as well as exercise and osteoporosis.

Although ACE has a number of study guides that are available for test preparation, they do not have any pre-test workshops. Novice exercise instructors who have no practical experience may want to choose a different organization for their first certification.



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