If I Could Run on Water: Hydro Aerobics Fitness Training Tips

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It's 98 degrees in Texas, but I want to keep up with my running. Any suggestions?

If I Could Run on Water: Hydro Aerobics Fitness Training Tips

Water aerobics is perhaps one of the coolest (pun intended) forms of exercise around. Although it was once considered to be in the exclusive domain of seniors, pregnant women, the obese, and women who are recovering from injuries, in recent years, it has begun to gain respect in its own right. Thus, in many ways, water aerobics can be the best exercise for women who are looking for a warm weather cardio cross-training plan.

In aqua aerobics, the water gives you added resistance, which adds challenge to your workout, while your buoyancy in the water creates a workout that poses far less stress on the joints and ligaments than most traditional forms of aerobic exercise. To add more variety to your water workout, you can use props such as specially designed water weights, kick boards and water "noodles."

If you are a runner, and you are looking for a good cross-training program, consider aqua jogging. The aqua jogger is a belt that can suspend your body to shoulder level in the water, thereby allowing you to take a "weightless run." For running in shallow water, there are also a number of water aerobic shoes available on the market.



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