News Flash: Healthy Snacking is Good for You!

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Is it okay to eat between meals?

News Flash: Healthy Snacking is Good for You!

Ideas about healthy eating have certainly changed since the 1950s! Once upon a time, mothers all over the world used to tell their kids not to eat between meals. Now we've discovered that snacking is actually good for you! Who knew?

Consider the following scenario: It's 11:30 AM, and you are extremely hungry. Today, the boss has planned a big lunch at the local buffet restaurant. That's the good news. The bad news is that lunch is not until 2:00 PM. do you:

  1. Wait until 2:00 and then binge on everything at the buffet?
  2. Grab a low calorie snack, and then enjoy a normal meal at the buffet.
If you answered B, good for you! Snacking is a great way to prevent the binge eating that always leads to weight gain. Snacking has another important benefit: it helps you maintain a higher energy level throughout the day.



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