Adding Core Exercise to Your Weight Training Routine

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What is Integrated Training?

Adding Core Exercise to Your Weight Training Routine

It is quite possible to integrate strength training with core exercise. The technique, which was developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is known as Integrated Training. First, you perform a traditional strength exercise, either using a machine or free weights. For your second set, you work the same muscle group using a piece of balance equipment. Keep in mind that you should perform the balance exercise either without weight, or with a lighter weight. Since the balance exercise will involve greater use of your core muscles, you will be getting an ab workout even as you work your legs and upper body.

The Integrated Training program can either be performed at the gym, or in your own home. Nowadays, most gyms have stability balls, balance boards and Dynadiscs. You can always bring a Dynadisc with you if your gym does not have any. For those of you who do not have a gym membership, most of the weight training exercise can be performed with resistance bands.



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