Let's Twist Again: Working Your Obliques

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What are the interanl and external obliques?

Let's Twist Again: Working Your Obliques

The internal and external obliques are the muscles that begin by your waistline and make an "X" across your torso. Both the internal and external obliques initiate movements and exercises that involve rotation. This is why you will notice that golfers and tennis players, provided that they adhere to a healthy diet and practice aerobic exercise, have impressive definition in this area.

If you are performing a 10-minutes abs workout, the bicycle maneuver is considered the best exercise for the internal and external obliques.

  • Lie on the floor and lift both legs. Make sure that your lower back pressed to the ground. If it is not, simply raise your legs a bit higher.
  • Rest your fingers lightly on your head, just above your ears.
  • As you bend your right knee, rotate your torso and bring your left elbow towards the knee. Make sure that your left hip stays on the ground.
  • Then, switch sides. For more challenge, wrap a resistance band around your feet as you perform this exercise. Instead of placing your hand behind your head, hold on to the band. As you bend your knee, bend the corresponding elbow. keep the opposite arm as straight as possible.

Pilates abs routines as well as Swiss ball abs exercise workouts also feature a variety of exercises that make good use of the internal and external obliques. Some people like to hold small medicine ball while performing these exercise. This adds more resistance, and therefore more challenge to the routine.



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