Introducing Your Core Muscles: The Rectus Abdominus and the Transverse Abdominal Muscle

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What is the difference between the transverse abdominal muscle and the rectus?

Introducing Your Core Muscles: The Rectus Abdominus and the Transverse Abdominal Muscle

Today, "core exercise" is a catch phrase in the fitness industry. May people assume that when people refer to core exercise, they are talking about abs workouts, such as sit-ups, crunches and any other the other 10-minute workouts that are popular at women's fitness centers. However, this is only partially true, Sit-ups and crunches work the rectus abdominus, which are the most superficial muscles of the abdominal region. This is the muscle group that is responsible for flexing your torso. When you get out of bed in the morning, you are using your rectus abdominus. However, there are deeper core muscles that play a more significant role in your health and appearance.

The Transverse Abdominal Muscle is often referred to as the TVA. As the deepest abdominal muscle in your body, the transverse abdominal muscle is your natural internal girdle and weight belt. Its primary purpose is an important one: This muscle supports your lower back when your body is in an upright position. Therefore, activating this muscle enhances you posture and prevents back pain. Studies have found that people who activate their TVA prior to lifting heavy object are less likely to experience back problems.

The transverse abdominal muscle is active when you exhale. It presses against the diaphragm to help you expel the air. Therefore, when performing ab workouts, if you exhale when you flex your spine, you will be activating your transverse abdominal muscle along with your rectus abdominus. In addition you regular ab workout, this simple exercise should be performed 10 times daily. Take a breath in. As you exhale, pull your belly in, as if you were trying to draw your navel to your spine. Hold your belly tight for ten seconds. Eventually, it will enjoy staying that way!



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