How to Choose a Women's Gym?

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What are things i should look for when choosing an female club?

How to Choose a Women's Gym?

Once you have decided to join an all female gym, there are some important criteria for choosing one that best suits your purposes. Here are some things to consider when choosing an all-women's gym:

  • Is the staff helpful?
  • Are the facilities kept clean?
  • Is there adequate guidance and orientation for new members?
  • If you are interested in sport, are there sport-specific training programs?
  • Does the club provide female-specific exercise programs such as prenatal exercise and osteoporosis prevention?
  • Are there weight management programs?
  • Is child care available?
  • Is the club a member of IHRSA, which has reciprocal arrangements with clubs you can visit while traveling?



7/25/2007 8:04:16 AM
Scott said:

One of the things we also think is very important is the quality and design of equipment. Safety is #1, but hydraulic gear offers far less benefit than weights to the results for time spent. I think few gym members realize this, and it's sad to see them wasting time. Remember the benefit of working out happens in the final moments of the circuit, and weights provide the best opportunity to find that benefit. I'm not talking about "bulking up" but building muscles "Inside" where they can help increase your metabolism and help you stay trim even when at rest.


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