Curves for Women

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What is Curves for Women?

Curves for Women

With over 10,000 locations, Curves is one of the world's largest franchises. Their business model is based on a 30-minute circuit for women, as wells as a women's weight management program. According the Curves website, this plan:

  • Revs up your metabolic rate
  • Allows you to eat all day long
  • Offers a wide variety of foods
  • Is based on a healthy diet
The "Curves for Women" program is probably best for women who have spent a sedentary life, and are therefore significantly overweight. In March of 2005, the American Council on Exercise decided to do a study that would determine the average number of calories burned in a typical Curves for Women workout. They discovered that the 30-minute circuit for women burns approximately 184 calories. Although this is quite suitable for novice exercisers, eventually, you will need something more challenging. The ACE researchers were also concerned that at some facilities, the trainers were not skilled professionals.



7/28/2007 3:41:53 PM
Cindy said:

The huge problems is that Curves uses hydraulic equipment. This takes 50% of the workout effectiveness out because you build muscle in the last 10% of the movement and hydraulic takes that away. Contours Express and Butterfly Live use weights, which probably double the good it does. I honestly don't understand how Curves got so big - it sure wasn't by having a good workout.


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