Best Cities for Walkers

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What are some of the best cities for pedestrains?

Best Cities for Walkers

The ability to burn sufficient calories by walking is paramount to any weight-loss plan. In fact, weight control experts suggest that if you are eating out and then going to a show, you should make sure to leave enough time to walk to the theatre, so that the calories don't just "sit" in your system. Whether you are considering relocation, or are just interested in taking a car free vacation, these cities are pedestrian friendly.

  • New York: The energy and pulse of the city alone makes New York a great place for walkers. Public transportation is always readily available, in case your feet get a bit tired. When you get tired of the urban sprawl, escape to Central Park. The down side: Pollution levels can be high.
  • Boston: The Freedom Trail is one of the most exciting attractions in Boston. You can take it as an organized tour, or buy a guidebook and do a self -guided tour. If you are interested in getting a killer butt workout, pay a visit to Beacon Hill, which is actually a series of mega-steep hills that seem to go on forever. Fortunately, the classic architecture is so unique, you won't realize that you are huffing and puffing. The down side: When crossing the streets, watch out for the Boston drivers!
  • San Francisco: Speaking of hills, San Francisco hast some of the steepest hill s in the country. Great scenery and interesting architecture provide a distraction from the exertion of your walking workout.



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