How to Choose a Walking Shoe

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I pronate. Waht kind of walking shoe should I buy?

How to Choose a Walking Shoe

Choosing the right walking shoe is equally as important as choosing the right running shoe. Keep in mind that you might like the look or style of a particular type of shoe, but if it is not comfortable it will literally fail to go the miles. Your choice of walking shoe is dependent on the unique structure of your feet.

For example, take a look at the shoes you wear every day. If they seem to be worn our out towards the inner edges if your feet, you are a pronater, which means that you should purchase a walking shoe that has a significant amount of motion control. If you do not have a severe pronation problem, a stability shoe provides some control, but it is more flexible than a motion control shoe.

If you are a bit overweight, you might prefer a cushioned shoe. However, these might supply a bit less motion control than a typical motion control shoe. A viable option would be to get a motion control shoe and purchase a pair of gel inserts.

If you are a lightweight woman with no significant gait problems, you might want to consider a lightweight-walking shoe. These are also excellent if you are considering racewalking. Any woman who is thinking about using her walking skills to do some summer hiking should invest in a pair of trail shoes. These shoes have rugged soles that serve to protect you from the rocks and other obstacles. Choose a water resistant shoe. You'll never know when you have to walk on a rock trail across a stream. Recently, trail shoes have become more flexible, so they can double as your daily walking shoe.



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