Post Partum Exercise

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Is it safe to exercise after delivery?

Post Partum Exercise

Although most experts agree that you can resume exercise when your body feels ready, many will advise you to wait until after your six-week post partum check-up. In general, if you were active throughout your pregnancy, provided you had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you can safely perform a moderate workout within in a few days after delivery. However, if you had a c-section, it behooves you to wait six to eight weeks after delivery. That being said, light walking during this time frame will help prevent blood clots and other complications.

Whether you had a vaginal delivery or a c-section, the relaxin hormones will remain in your system for three to five months after delivery. This will cause your joints and ligaments to be somewhat lax. For this reason, you will need to exert caution when practicing yoga or other flexibility exercises.

Many women are concerned that post partum exercise might interfere with their ability to breastfeed. However, research has shown that even vigorous aerobic exercise will not affect the composition of your breast milk.

Post Partum Abdominal Exercise, Closing the Gap: During you pregnancy, it is possible that you have developed a gap in your abdominal muscle. In general, it takes four to eight weeks to close this gap. Although you should avoid doing crunches until the gap is closed, continuing to practice your Kegel exercises will keep your deeper core muscles healthy and active.



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