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What is a Bosu?


The Bosu is one of the most brilliant fitness equipment inventions. The word “Bosu” stands for “both sides up.” This domed shaped product look like half of a stability ball. It can be used either on the dome side or platform side. The Bosu can be used for abdominal exercise, leg exercise, upper body exercise and flexibility exercise. Unlike the stability, you can safely perform squats and lunges while standing on the Bosu. The company recently created a smaller version of the Bosu that is suitable for home exercise.

Because of its versatility, the Bosu is favorite training product for the US Ski Team, as well as other athletic teams. In fact, Peter Twist, sport-conditioning specialist for the Vancouver Canucks, has developed a set of six bosu sport videos:

  • Bosu for Football
  • Bosu for Golf
  • Bosu for Hockey
  • Bosu for Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Bosu for Tennis
  • Bosu for Soccer

The Bosu can be used in conjunction with weights or exercise tubes and bands. You can also perform aerobic exercise, Pilates and back care exercises. The Bosu website features a variety of exercises that can be performed on the Bosu, as well as videos and other products to purchase.



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