Exercise Balls

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What muscles can be worked on an exercise ball?

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are probably the one of the most economical, portable and versatile forms of home exercise equipment. They are also referred to as stability balls, fitballs, balance balls and gymballs. Prices range from $10-$40, depending on the quality. The higher priced balls usually have a burst resistant property. Working out on an exercise ball requires active deep core muscles. This makes them excellent for developing the balance needed for athletic performance enhancement.

Virtually every body part can be exercised on the ball; abs, glutes, legs and upper body. Resistance tubes can be used in conjunction with the ball for added challenge. Some people even perform their weight training exercises on the ball. Many people sit on a stability ball when they are working at their computer in order to promote better postural alignment. The balls are inflatable and deflatable, which means that you can take them along on vacation!

Although there are many types of abdominal exercise equipment on the market, nothing beats the stability ball for activating the deeper abdominal muscles, thus providing a superior workout to anything that can be done on a traditional machine.



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