Total Gym Home Fitness Equipment

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What is Total Gym?

Total Gym Home Fitness Equipment

The Total Gym is a dynamic pulley system set up on an inclined glide board. Exercises can be done either from the incline or decline position. The machines have varying levels of calibrated resistance, which represent a proportion of the user's body weight. The pulley system enables you to perform exercises in three planes of movement, without any restrictions on range of motion. This makes it ideal for sports conditioning. The Total Gym web site has an exercise library featuring over 100 exercises. For an additional monthly fee you can opt to join and receive a customized workout plan.

One of the most unique features of the Total Gym is the option to purchase the Pilates Accessory Package. Unlike the traditional Pilates Reformer, the Pilates exercises on Total Gym can be done either on an incline or decline position. Pilates training focuses on core conditioning and postural alignment. It develops strength and flexibility simultaneously. Many professional athletes and dancers are avid Pilates enthusiasts.



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