Affordable Pilates Workouts

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Is it possible to find Pilates equipment that is suitable for home use?

Affordable Pilates Workouts

Although private sessions on the Pilates equipment can be highly effective, they can also be extremely expensive. Here are some ways to make them more affordable:

  • Share a session with a friend: The caveat: This only works if you are at similar levels.
  • Look for group reformer classes: Many Pilates studios or health clubs have added smaller reformers that can be used for classes of up to ten people. These classes cost much less than private sessions. The caveat: if you have a specific injury, a group session might not address your specific needs.
  • Work with an apprentice instructor: Many Pilates studios have an apprentice, who is someone in the process of getting their certification. Sessions with an apprentice can be less expensive. The concept is similar to what many hair salons do with their trainees. The caveat: Proficiency can be hit or miss. However, since the instructor is in the learning stages, feel free to give feedback if you are dissatisfied with their training methods.
  • Get your insurance to cover your sessions: Some health insurance plans cover "wellness."
  • Consider home Pilates workouts: If, and only if, you have achieved proficiency in your Pilates technique, you can consider purchasing Pilates equipment for home use. However, before you invest any money, consider this question: Will you be motivated to do your workout at home, or will the Pilates equipment turn into an expensive coat rack? If you feel you would be dedicated to a home Pilates equipment workout, here are some reputable companies that manufacture Pilates equipment for home use: Balanced Body, Stott Pilates
In addition to Pilates equipment for home use, Stott Pilates also makes a variety of superb Pilates exercise videos. If you don't have the space and/or the money to purchase a home reformer, you can use a band and a stability ball to perform Pilates workouts at home.



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