Time Strapped? Get On The Circuit

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What is 30-minute circuit training?

Time Strapped? Get On The Circuit

Most doctors recommend a minimum of three 30-minute workouts each week to maintain a basic level of fitness that provides noticeable health benefits compared to an inactive lifestyle.

Many women have a tough time fitting fitness in to their schedules, and women's gyms have responded by designing a 30-minute workout of circuit training for women that combines cardio training, strength training and stretching. The fitness training staff at women's gyms will interview you to assess your health and fitness goals and then show you how to use their equipment in a customized 30-minute workout. Many of these facilities feature machines with hydraulic weights, which can be easier to manage than bulkier free weights and pulley-style machines.

The circuit training programs can be adapted for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, so you can adjust your goals as you meet them. In addition, the welcoming environment of women's gyms may motivate you to work out more often, so you are more likely to get that elusive three workouts per week.



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