Magazines Offer A Window On Wellness

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What can I find in women's fitness magazines?

Magazines Offer A Window On Wellness

Are you looking for a one-stop shop for fitness information? True fitness means more than a healthy body; it's a healthy mind and spirit, as well. Women's fitness magazines not only offer the latest moves to help you shape up or slim down, they have advice on how to reduce stress and tone up your relationships, too.

In addition, some women's health and fitness magazines offer online bonuses (some are free) that let you sign up for calorie-counting tools, nutrition tools and other fitness advice guides. You can customize your workouts or your diet plan, and you can network with other people who are interested in women's health and fitness by logging onto the magazines' message boards.



2/9/2008 5:12:22 AM
Valarie said:

I just won the EatSmart Nutition Scale from a contest on diet website. This product is awesome. This product was helpful because I was logging 180 calories for my salad and tuna platter and when I added all the ingredients with the EatSmart scale it was 320 calories. At hte end of the day i had logged 528 more calories than i was recording by a calorie book and pencil. What an eye opening expierence for someone like me who was counting calorie and thinking they were accurate.


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